Reedem voucher to cryptocurrency!
BitBay Cash is the best solution for buying cryptocurrencies for cash. Find the nearest distributor, select the denomination and receive the voucher in the form of a printout, an SMS code or via e-mail. Then replace it on the page on the cryptocurrency!
Sign Up a be a Disttributor!
Sign Up a be a Disttributor!
How it's working
Distributor is our partner where you can receive a voucher. Go to the nearest point and exchange cash for the voucher with the chosen denomination and currency. The maximum value of the voucher is defined by the AML regulations in your country.
After distributing the cash to the distributor, you will receive a Voucher of the chosen denomination from him. You can scan it (QR code), it can be sent to your phone number or e-mail address. If the Distributor has a printer or terminal - he will give it to you in the form of a printout.
On our website, enter the received Voucher code and the address of your cryptocurrency wallet, and we will send it immediately! If you carry out larger transactions (over EUR 10,000), or you want to set up an account - you will do it in a few seconds, you need only your ID card and webcam.
Be a Distributor
Start your own distribution point! All you need is a company, or run a business - fill out a simple form, get a free distributor application, or buy an optional printer or terminal - start making money!
Get a voucher
To get the voucher find the nearest distribution point, select the denomination and exchange the cash for the Voucher. You can also set up an account if you often make a transaction or you want to carry out transactions without limits.
Find distributor
Find distributor
Redeem voucher
If you have a Voucher you can replace it with a cryptocurrency in a few seconds. Go to the website, enter the voucher code and the address of your wallet. In a few seconds we will send the purchased funds to him. If you do not have a wallet - we'll help you set it up!
Redeem voucher and recive cryptocurrency!
Redeem voucher and recive cryptocurrency!